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This product is a sticker-on type deodorizer.
you can be used in household refrigerators/freezers.


Deodorizing period approx. 6 months

The sticker will continue to deodorize a space of approximately 250L for about 6 months or so. It can be removed cleanly when peeling off.

Works in freezer and vegetable compartments

Any place where there is air circulation will trigger the deodorizing effect. It can also be used in freezers. But be careful of frost.

Highly safe ingredients

The nanodiamond catalyst used as a deodorant component has been tested and proven safe by a third-party organization.

Stick it anywhere.

Since it is a sticker type, it can be affixed anywhere you like in the refrigerator compartment. It does not take up much space.

Surface spots

You can see spots on the surface of the sticker, although they are only visible when exposed to light.
These are colonies of nanodiamond particles. When the nano-diamonds come into contact with air, they decompose odorants.
Because it is a "catalyst," it does not deteriorate or decrease when exposed to air, and its deodorizing effect is long-lasting.

- The image has been processed to make the spots more noticeable.

Deodorizes on contact with air

The deodorizing effect is activated when the sticker comes into contact with air. Please make sure that the sticker does not stick to anything inside the cabinet.
- The deodorizing effect will not be effective in a space without air circulation.


Wipe the area where the sticker will be applied beforehand.

Stickers cannot be applied to wet areas.

Use in locations where air circulation occurs.

The "nano-diamond catalyst" used as a deodorant component activates its deodorant effect when it comes into contact with air.
- Please use in compressor-type refrigerators (general household refrigerators)
- Do not block the surface of the seal.
- If the seal surface is covered with dirt or frost, the deodorant effect will be reduced

No deodorizing effect in a space with no air flow

Please note that deodorizing effect cannot be obtained in the following places
- Vacuum chilled rooms, ice rooms, coolers, lockers, closets

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